KairnKairn started in 2014 as the first and original gender-neutral shaving and skin partner for smooth, healthy, supple and resilient skin. Whether shaving or maintaining a healthy skincare routine, Kairn uses botanical, natural and low-scent skin oils in a unique three-stage skin system to ensure all skin is nourished, protected and replenished.

Our products are designed with natural ingredients and materials to be used on any type of skin.  The basis of the Kairn skincare range is natural oils (coconut, thistle, grapeseed, almond) which have, for centuries, been known to nourish and condition skin – both deep and on the surface. To this we add essential oils, botanicals (like frankincense, sea buckthorn, lavender etc) or aloe vera to provide aroma and added nutrition.

All ingredients are responsibly sourced, free from parabens and not tested on animals. And our entire range is carefully packaged into glass bottles, with aluminium lids and cardboard or compostable packaging.


Our range is plastic free because the planet cannot degrade plastic. We need to become environmentally neutral in how we live our lives. But more than that, we need to be more neutral in how we think, embracing what unites us rather than what divides us.


We want to embrace the common good as we welcome a more secular, open and liberal society, free from outmoded stereotypes and binaries. At Kairn we want to stand for everyone and anyone, without prejudice.

And so our products are designed for everyone, using colour as a visual means of expressing the many shades of our individuality, on a utilitarian bottle fit for, and designed for, all.


Our range originated with shaving products, as it is a category dominated by male and female brands. Long has this dichotomy served brands well, creating needless product differentiation in pursuit of greater profit. Most consumers now realise that there is little material difference between men’s razors and women’s razors, or even with skincare products. All skin really needs is natural, nutrient rich ingredients and a careful tailored skincare routine.  


Kairn’s skincare range is designed for shaving all parts of your body, and the three-stage shave system is specifically designed to prepare and repair your skin, reducing skin rash and irritation after shaving. Our patent-pending leather strop will keep your razor blade cleaner and sharper for longer, which will also improve shaving comfort each time you shave.


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