Plastic free shaving

What does your skin say about you?

Every few weeks our skin renews. It's the youngest part of our body. Yet, it tells the story of our lives. 

At Kairn we love your skin and strive to make the best products possible to prepare, protect and nourish it. We want to prepare your skin for all that the day offers, protect the surface from the harshness of shaving, and nourish your young skin growing beneath.

The Kairn Colour Collection is designed for all skin types using natural products, premium essential and botanical oils, all beautifully presented in completely plastic free packaging. That's because at Kairn we believe beautiful skin shouldn't come at the expense of the environment.


Plastic free shaving from Kairn
Plastic free shaving

Disposing of disposable attitudes

You don't throw away your toothbrush each day, so why do people dispose of their razors each day? We are on a mission to go beyond plastic bags and...

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Scent free shaving
Plastic free shaving

Scent free shave oil from Kairn

For many with sensitive skin, sensitive noses or desiring a more androgynous product, we're pleased to announce our thistle and sea buckthorn shave...

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Laura Zabo upcycling

How upcycling works

Upcycling works by turning things we already have into new exciting products.  Discover great products from great companies.

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Zero waste shaving from Kairn

Zero waste shaving

In all parts of our lives, people are increasingly looking for ways to make small changes that have a big impact. And zero waste shaving is one of ...

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