Dark skin, sensitive skin, thigh skin, chest skin - it's all beautiful

Whatever skin you might be wanting to shave, irritation from shaving and shaving rashes can happen. Use our simple guide to help prepare, protect and nurture your natural skin.Beautiful dark skin

Number One

Your skin is alive - just like you are. As you grow, change and age, so too does your skin. Whilst it is renewing each month, your skin type will change over time, just as the rest of your body changes over time. 
So take time with your skincare routine, especially when shaving. Before using new products, ensure that you try them on a small area first to check for any adverse reaction and, if all clear, move on to larger areas.Sample shaving area

Number Two

Whilst your skin will change over time, your underlying skin type is largely set from birth. It is usually a combination of moisture content (which affects how elastic and bouncy your skin is), how oily it is and how irritable it can get. It varies across our body and our body parts. You'll see a difference from your upper lip to your T-zone, or from your lower thigh to your upper thigh. Variations in skin type

Number Three

You can't change your skin type, but you can help manage it. What you do, and what products you use, can all have an impact on how your skin grows, renews and regenerates. One of the biggest influences on your skin is shaving. The act of applying products to your skin, and passing a razor over the surface, can all cause skin irritation and skin rashes. 

At Kairn we have developed our Three Stage System to help prepare, protect and nourish your natural skin, helping it achieve the hairless look you're searching for. Protect your skin

Number Four

We have developed a range of products in our Colour Collection, all based on a blend of pure oils and natural ingredients to offer you a complete range. In this way you can try different shaving oils, skin washes and after shave lotions to help match your skin type and skincare routine. Click here for more information on our colour collection.  

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