Shaving oils and a sharp blade are key to friction free shaving

In order to achieve a friction free shave, gain a clean cut and minimise shaving rash and skin irritation, follow the Kairn 3 step shaving programme. 

 Friction free shaving

Step 1: Prepare your skin with a oil based skin wash

Oil based skin washes not only wash your skin and lightly exfoliate the surface, but they also gently increase the suppleness of your skin, and provide a nourishing protective layer in the upper skin. 

Skin wash and face wash

Step 2: Massage in an oil based shaving product

Shaving oils coat the upper surface of your skin, to help the blade pass effortlessly over the skin surface. This helps reduce drag and provide a more friction free shave. They also continue to nourish the top layer of skin, helping protect it from the blade itself. 

Frictionless shaving

Step 3: Use a leather strop to keep your blade sharp

It is critically important to keep the blade clean, sharp and clear of debris throughout your shave. To get that friction free shave over and over again, use a strop such as the Blaidmat in between strokes. This has the effect of keeping the blade sharper for longer, whilst cleaning the blade at the same time. 

Blaidmat leather strop

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