Plastic free razor from Kairn

Discover the Kairn metal, plastic-free razor

Plastic-free razors such as the Kairn pencil razor offer a superior feel, close shave, and a plastic-free shaving routine. It’s better for the environment, and once perfected a closer and cleaner shave. And as our customers can testify, it doesn’t matter what part of your body you’re shaving, a safety razor is a wonderful tool.  Women love it on their legs, men under their arms or on their face. Anywhere in fact...

Plastic free shaving and razor from KairnDISTINCT FEEL

DE safety razors – the most common form of plastic-free razors - are heavier in your hand than a conventional plastic razor.  Plastic razors rely on pressure and multiple blades to get a close shave but can put extra pressure on your skin leading to painful cuts and annoying clogging. The metal safety razors have an entirely different feel. The weight of the metal in your hand is instantly different and creates a totally different shaving experience. Shaving with a plastic free razor


The key to shaving with a metal razor is to allow the razor’s weight to do the work. The exposed razor blade in itself is very sharp, and so care is needed. But that is true with all razors.

The art of shaving with a metal razor is to apply the blade at right angles to the area of skin you wish to shave. Then, lightly, rotate the blade so that the razor blade is in light contact with the skin, and then gently pass the blade across the skin shaving in line with the skin grain. Never against it.

Without pressure – just the lightest contact – the sharpness of the blade will cut through your hair leaving a smooth hairless look often with just one pass. It’s important to use skin oils before, during and after, to ensure the skin and hair stem is best prepared for shaving, but again this is for all shaving, not just with a plastic-free razor.


Our plastic-free razor and blades lasts much longer than plastic alternatives, and when combined with the colour collection of shaving oils, and our leather strop, nourishes, protects and nurtures your skin when shaving. The leather Blaidmat is perfect to help maintain a sharper blade. Please take a look at our product page for more information on the razor, shave products and leather strop.Kairn shaving range