Plastic free skincare

Plastic-free skincare

Our supermarket shelves and bathroom cabinets are crammed with plastic containers… or at least they were. Millions are now actively seeking out plastic-free alternatives for their skincare regime.

Here is our view on why, and our picks of the best products out there.

Alternatives to plastic use in skincare productsAnti-plastic beauty

The world is increasingly becoming anti-plastic. Everywhere we turn now, plastic use is taking a pounding. Recently the Government in the UK has launched a consultation into plastic use in packaging, and that follows numerous campaigns to reduce plastic use, clean up our oceans, and shift attitudes away from consumption to reduction, reuse and recycling.

Why? Simply because people are realising that our future attitudes to waste and plastic use can’t be the same as the past.  

So far, however, the beauty industry has once again been slow to change. Like fast fashion, beauty is built on building and satisfying demand. More, quicker and cheaper… apart from what you pay that is. The bigger the margin, the better. And so the cheaper they can make things, the bigger the packaging, the ‘more’ dumb consumers think they get for their money. Actually, the reverse is true.

Anti-plastic packagingSavvy customers turn away from plastic

Just open up Instagram and take a look at the thousands of people posting millions of messages about going #plasticfree, especially with #plasticfreepackaging

They want it, and many companies like ours are ready and waiting for them.

Plastic free shavingAlternatives to plastic

Plastic might look sexy, but it is just plain lazy. It’s cheap, but terrible for the environment.

For the past few decades companies have been allowed to trade on the shibboleth that recycling plastics actually means that plastic gets recycled. The harsh truth is that only a fraction of the plastic that is put for recycling actually gets recycled. Much of it is simply shipped off to somewhere else in the world.

But not all companies think this way. Kairn is one of a number of companies that has started out to be a plastic-free skincare brand and business.  

Alternatives to plastic packagingPlastic-free skincare

Our plastic-free skincare range consists of the colour collection skin and shaving oils. The entire skincare range is produced in glass bottles with aluminium lids. The labels are made of natureflex which is compostable material, and we send out our products in cardboard and fully recyclable packaging. It’s all plastic-free.

Our range also includes metal razor and blades, plus a leather strop which helps maintain a sharper blade for longer. So whatever razor people choose to use, with the Blaidmat leather strop, they will use fewer blades and therefore cut their overall environmental impact.  Please take a look at our product page for more information on plastic-free shaving products and a leather strop.Discover our luxury shaving range