Plastic free shaving

Time for plastic free shaving

For decades, the daily shave chore for many was made that little bit lighter through single use, daily disposable razors. These plastic mounted simple blades proved hugely popular and became commonplace in countries worldwide, most notably in the 70s with the launch of the BIC razor. Fast forward 50 years, and every mainstream shave brand and range uses plastic parts in the razors, and plastic-based shave products. Yet as the world wakes up to the long term cost of short-term plastic, having single-use products made with plastic is simply no longer viable. And when it comes to shaving, it's unnecessary.

Time to dispose of the disposable approach

Plastic free shavingAs you will see from our range of skincare and shave products, we've started with a plastic-free model. In our shave oils, lotions, skin washes and razor blades. In all our products and packaging in fact. But that isn't what the rest of the world of shaving is doing...

Plastic razors and disposable blades

It was back in 1901 that an american businessman developed the first form of detachable and disposable shave head. Sharper blades, less maintenance and a lower unit cost all appealed to consumers. Throughout the 20th Century the razor-blade arms race ran with competing companies creating cheaper and cheaper razors, with more and more blades. And still today, the market-leaders promote their multi-blade disposable razors at discount prices - often giving away the handles for free. 

Kairn colour collectionPlastic packaging for skincare and shave products

Supporting the razor and blades, we have seen a proliferation of the sundry shave products available. Foams, washes, waxes, balms, lotions, oils - of which we have some too - proliferate. With brand, profit and convenience top of mind, plastic became the material of choice in order to package the countless number of shaving products on the market. And still today, it remains the mainstay of every mainstream brand. 

Proof it can be done differently

There is no product reason why plastic is needed when storing shave oils, balms or lotions. In fact, there are advantages to storing these products in brown glass. Brown or amber glass is highly effective at protecting from UV radiation, and it is the preferred color of pharmaceutical companies and producers of essential oils and plant-based products. Kairn shave oils contain both natural oils and essential oils, so it is our preferred choice to maintain their quality for longer.  

Plastic free shaving productsPlastic free shaving products

In addition to plastic free bottles, we have also built our entire range to be plastic free. The packaging and shipping materials we use are all from sustainable or recycled sources. They are recyclable or compostable, as are the labels on our bottles.

We've chose to also use aluminium lids instead of plastic ones. These are locally recyclable and further minimise the environmental impact of our packaging.  Presently we have to use a tiny rubber seal within the lid to protect the products from our factory to your home, but we're working on ways to remove this as soon as a product solution becomes viable. 

The only razors we sell are made exclusively from metal materials, sustainably sourced. To prolong the life of razors and razor blades, we have developed the patent-pending Blaitmat. This domestic leather strop comes plastic free in premium leather, and helps clean and sharpen any domestic razor. Including plastic razors. 

Our view is that people are free to choose whatever products they want, but we will work to make each product more sustainable, and last as long as possible - even plastic razors. 

Whilst we accept that it costs us more, we know that it's the right thing to do for the long term.

plastic free shaving range

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