Compare mens razors, womens razors and unisex razors

Men's razors, women's razors or unisex metal razors: which is the best, for where, and why? We take a look at the pros and cons of each razor type.

Talk to ten people, and you’ll probably hear ten opinions. Razors, like music or fashion, are really a matter of taste. But short of buying all razors to give them a go, what is the difference between these razor types, and which is best for you – and your body?

Kairn unisex metal razorBest razor to shave your face

There is little difference between mens and womens razors in reality. Both have blades usually arranged in rows, with guides to help train the hair over the blades for easy and pull-free shaving. Our view is that mens and womens razors work at an equal level.

Shaving with a metal razor is a completely different experience. They use one razor blade with two sides, held in the head of the razor. Unlike plastic razors, little to no pressure is needed when shaving with a plastic-free razor, as the weight of the metal is enough to allow the razor to do its work.

Discover our luxury shaving rangeAs a metal razor has only one blade compared to the plastic razors, you might think that would need more strokes to achieve the same finish. Actually, the reverse of often true. Multi-blade plastic razors can get clogged up, and their narrow blades struggle to clear debris and stay sharp for longer. A double-edged safety razor passed slowly over the skin, can be as effective – if not more – at cutting hair. There is less space for hair and foam to get clogged in the razor, and if kept sharp and honed with a leather strop, it produces a closer shave.

Our verdict: Plastic razors are broadly comparable between mens and womens razors. Both have unnecessary blades and can clog up quickly. If you want a closer shave, are willing to invest more time and also want a zero-waste shave, then go for a metal razor.

Best razor to shave your legs

As long as the right amount of care and preparation is taken, again there is little actual difference in the plastic razors. The best results happen when an oil-based exfoliating skin scrub is used as the first stage of skin preparation. On the long passes that we make when shaving our legs, there is a lot of opportunity to pick up skin debris as well as the hair, so scrubbing the skin beforehand helps remove that old surface layer. And oil-based scrubs help coat the hair and shield the skin in preparation for shaving.

Metal or plastic razors used slowly and gently will work better over the large areas of leg, thigh and shin.

When it comes to the precision areas in the groin area, knees or ankles, there is undoubtedly a difference between womens razors and both mens and metal razors. The extra boundary around the womens razors help guide the razor and protect the extra folds of skin. However, the difference is most marked only when trying to shave quickly. If time is taken – much like we do around our jaw or nose if shaving the face – then the need for different razors becomes much less apparent. In our opinion, it isn't needed at all, and men and women can shave their legs and ankles easily with metal razors. 

Best razor to shave your armpits

Womens razors have larger heads to make shaving armpits easier, but mens and womens razors are (frankly) interchangeable, as long as you take the right time. Our customers also use metal razors under their arms without trouble.

Best razor to shave your pubic hair

Whichever blade you choose, make sure you take your time. It’s an incredibly delicate area, and so short gentle strokes are needed. Use only minimal pressure.

Think about the products you are using there. We recommend a scent or fragrance-free shave oil, that is natural like our purple shave oil. It will help protect and nourish the skin as well as give a good glide surface for the blade to pass across.

The extra head on a womens blade can sometimes cause more problems getting into tight spots, yet the downside of mens razors or the metal unisex razor is that the sharper edges can be a problem.

Take your time. Use warm water, and our recommendation is a three-stage process to help nourish, protect and replenish your skin.

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