The ultimate shaving oil

Smooth glide. Your skin on its best day. Reduced irritation. Less nics and cuts. It can only be shaving oil. And with Kairn, you have the ultimate shaving oil.

Why is shaving oil better

Your skin is your largest organ. It is living, breathing, renewing, growing every day. It is your outer boundary and protects you for all that the day has to offer. And then when it comes to shaving, companies have persuaded people for decades that huge, thick, synthetic clouds of shaving cream and foam are the best thing for it. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kairn shaving oil are made from natural botanical and essential oils. Light, fragrant, and blended in a unique combination that is designed to nourish and protect your skin whilst shaving.

Kairn – the ultimate shaving oil

Kairn shaving oils are made from a blend of essential oils that have bespoke properties. Our blend is designed to work in two ways:

  • To sit on the surface of your skin, providing a translucent barrier over which your razor blade can effortlessly pass. Specialist oils sit atop, giving a low friction barrier protecting your skin, whilst the light oil allows for clog-free movement of your blade over the skin
  • To dive deep. Our combination shaving oil also contains fast-absorbing oils that are filled with nutrient rich skin-boosting vitamins. They dive in, nourishing your skin from beneath

In combination they form the ultimate shaving oil.

Your skin is protected and nourished. Look, and feel amazing.

Here’s what Stephen says:

First time I've ever bothered to provide this sort of feedback, but after a couple of weeks' use, I'm just amazed at the feel of my face after shaving. Whatever you're doing in producing these products is great.

Here’s what The Independent say:

Brands like Kairn are determined to end the throwaway culture and offer plastic-free products and zero waste shaving kits.


Ultimate shaving oils from Kairn