Ideas to reduce plastic use

Championing plastic reduction initiatives

Here is a list of some of the inspiring ideas and initiatives that have recently been launched to work towards a plastic-free planet. 

Reduce plastic packaging

September 2018: Co-op bans single-use carrier bags, and launches compostable bags

Co-op has announced an end to single-use plastic. It will see around 60 million plastic carrier bags removed in a phased roll-out and replaced with an environmentally-friendly alternative.

September 2018: Carlsberg launches snap-packs, cutting plastic use 75%

The mountain we're climbing is made of plastic, but it's worth recognising companies that are making significant efforts to radically cut plastic use. More companies should think about what's in the pack, not just the carrier bag we put the pack in!

April 2018: First effort to clean up the oceans launches

This initiative shows everyone that dreams can become a reality. The brain-child of a dutch child has rapidly turned into a reality, with crowdfunding and seed-investment resulting in pioneering work to start clearing up our oceans.  


March 2018: The first plastic-free Lego pieces go on sale

This 85-year-old toymaker has been using plastics since 1963, but they know the game is up. With a business commitment to using sustainable materials in its core products, this initiative from such a huge company is to be applauded. 

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