Top 5 plastic free gift ideas

Buying plastic-free? Check out our top 5 plastic-free gift ideas

Finding the inspiration for gift ideas is hard enough at the best of times. Let alone adding in being plastic-free. So check out our list of top ideas for plastic-free gifting. Let us know any ideas you have... and just so you know, we earn zero affiliate fees from this post. We're doing it just because...

1: Bamboo straws: Brilliant!              

100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, organic and natural, these straws are hand-finished in the mountainous forests of Thailand. Check out the manufacturer to ensure they don't use any pesticides or chemical products. 

Bamboo straws

2: Vegan, plastic-free natural deodorant              

Stunning designs, quality ingredients and a great range of scented and scent-free products. These look lush and would be 'wow' presents. From Your Nature. 

Vegan friendly, plastic free deoderant

3: Blaidmat leather strop                       

Leather strops have been around for centuries, but no longer are they purely the domain of the barber. No. Every home can now have this perfectly simple but wondrously wonderful blade sharpener. Have a blade? Get a blaidmat

Kairn Blaidmat

4: Konjac sponges                              

100% natural vegetable fibre, non-toxic and packed with minerals & antioxidants we can't think of anyone who wouldn't love one of these. They're colour free, biodegradable and available from Konjac Sponge Co. 

Konjac sponge

5: Hand-knitted face-cloth with soap and candle set

Whether pampering, shaving or simply washing, you face deserves the best. This gift set looks stunning and totally decadent. Available from SoapDaze.

SoapDaze gift set


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