Mintel report review: The importance of a skincare routine

According to the recent Mintel report on beauty and grooming routines, people who spend more time on themselves get holistic health benefits. Both men and women who spend time on their grooming feel an “intense physical and sensory” experience. Beyond claiming that grooming helps them look better, the holistic benefits are growth in positive mental health, a greater sense of calm and a more wholesome connection to their natural beauty. This latter point is in part due to a similar rise in the use of natural healthcare products.

Skincare routinesEnjoying it is the key driver of lengthening routines

People are spending more time on their routines because they enjoy doing it. Perhaps that is stating the obvious, but the growth in product ranges, specialised products and bespoke and tailored skincare solutions have all contributed to more enjoyable, longer routines.

‘Two-speed’ routines also rise

Shaving or washing hair, for example, are mentioned in the report as increasingly becoming a two-speed routine. The things that people do daily need to be fast; almost down to the minute. Long commutes, busier lives and an immediate culture all combine to making daily chores increasingly driven by price and convenience. However, on the rise is a weekly rhythm of indulgence, with people taking time and effort to prepare, protect and replenish their hair and skin. Using premium, natural products, combined into more time-consuming and indulgent pampering routines is increasingly seen as an important mainstay of healthy skincare.

Skin routinesBrands that deliver experiences create deeper meaning

The brands that position themselves as daily routine aids will continue to play a growing and important role in normal and healthy beauty routines. But over time this disposable and convenience-led market will drive down prices and will ultimately commoditise the daily market.

Brands that deliver experiences which create deep indulgence and a real sense of individual investment will thrive. Becoming a weekly partner of this growing cohort of naturally-driven skin groomers will provide positive rewards for those companies, consumers and the broader environment.

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