Teenagers and beauty

For teenagers, self-expression is absolutely essential. From an early age – as young as 7 – children are getting involved in beauty and personal care routines, including choosing their own products.

In terms of what they are looking for, they claim to value self-expression and confidence mostly, whilst external validators such as being admired are much less important. That is somewhat in contradiction to the fact that teenagers take more pictures in a day, on average, than their parents took in a year. The desire to snap and share on social media is a daily desire, and it is perhaps the case that what teenagers say they think, and actually think, has some separation. But then, hasn’t that always been the case?

74% believe that the way they present themselves is fundamental to who they are, and claim to prefer internal conviction over external definitions of beauty.

Youth beauty just got younger

According to data from the USA, 54% of 12-14 year-olds use mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner or eyebrow pencils. Also popular are foundations or concealer (45%) bronzers (30%) and one in ten use hair colouring products.

This trend is across the genders too, with over two-thirds of boys adding a flash of beauty and grooming to their daily routines. Top of the picks is facial cleansing products, fragrance and hair gels, mousses and waxes.

Masstige makes beauty accessible

Quality products, at more affordable prices, means that these younger and price-sensitive consumers can satisfy their desire for natural and high-quality products. Mass accessible products are on the rise as e-commerce leads to a flood of new brands entering the market, providing simple direct-to-consumer offers.

The teenage environmental crush

This generation won’t beat around the bush when it comes to what they demand from beauty brands. Two thirds will stop using brands that used unethical practices, and nearly 3 in 5 always use products that are environmentally friendly.

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