When it comes to picking a safety razor, and plastic free zero waste shaving products, then you’ve come to the right place.

Kairn safety razorAt Kairn we have a premium safety razor and plastic free luxury shaving range made from natural materials, ingredients and absolutely no plastic.

Discover our Kairn safety razor

The Kairn safety razor is made from premium metals, specially selected for complete balance in your hand. Our head is perfect for facial and body shaving, with our customers using it to achieve a friction free shave on their faces, head, chest and back, legs and personal areas.

We believe it to be the best safety razor product on the market, and it is a perfect pairing with our Kairn skin and shave oils. Read on for more information on how to use a safety razor, how to assemble it, and our entire plastic free shaving range.

Safety razors and zero waste shaving productsHow to use a safety razor

Using a safety razor is different to the guarded multi-blade razors commonly on the market. Those razors are kept further from the skin and often get gunked up quickly when used with shaving foams or gels. The Kairn safety razor is completely different, so we’ve written a guide on how to use a safety razor which has all our best hints and tips. Take care when using it, as you need to adapt a different shaving technique, but we’re convinced you’ll be delighted with the results.

Discover our luxury shaving rangeHow to assemble a safety razor

Metal safety razors are pretty easy to assemble, take apart and clean, but only when you know how. Read our guide on how to assemble a safety razor for more advice and useful photos of each step.  

Assembling the Kairn safety razorZero waste shaving with your safety razor

Our customers tell us that the main reason for them buying a safety razor is that they want to reduce plastic waste in their lives. And metal safety razors are a brilliant way to do it. They can last a complete lifetime, and with only the blades needing replacing, they can result in zero waste shaving.

To complement your metal razor, we have a range of products that are zero waste and long lasting. These include:

  • Our leather strop, which can double the lifespan of your razor blades
  • Our zero waste shave bricks, which clean, cleanse and foam up on you skin for gorgeous results every time
  • Plastic free skin and shave washes, and scrubs
  • Plastic free shaving oils and after shave balms.

So take a look at our shaving collection for more information, advice, products and offers.

Kairn metal safety razor and product range