Your secret to longer lasting razors

We dream of a time when plastic razors and plastic bottles are no more, but we also know that isn't now. So we came up with the next best thing...

 Kairn Blaidmat

Welcome to the Blaidmat

Meet the Blaidmat. It's our shaving innovation which helps prolong the life of any razor blade. Whether safety razors or the shiniest 8-blade marketing ploy from the old boys of razors, our Blaidmat will make each razor stay cleaner and keener, for longer. And that means you need less razors, saving you money and slowing the rate of plastic use. 

With the Blaidmat, you get to achieve the hairless look you desire, improve your shave, and do a bit more for the environment. 

How the Blaidmat works

The Blaidmat is the epitome of the modern classic; the functionality of a classic leather strop fashioned with the art and craft of modern day manufacture.

The Blaidmat is an innovation on the original classic strop. Literally for centuries, leather has been used to sharpen swords, knives and blades. But rather than the strop be the domain of the overly hairy (and sometimes smells) barbershop owner, we have reinvented this classic tool for the modern individual. 



In normal conditions, after four or five shaves, your blade can become dull and lifeless. This is due to a number of factors, ranging from the build up of dirt on the blade edge, to the burr becoming slightly pitted. At this point, we recommend that you strop your razor on the Kairn Blaidmat to maintain a clean, sharp edge and help to increase the life of your blade.

Follow the simple steps below to improve your shaving experience.


Lay the Blaidmat on a flat surface logo side down. Hold on to the strap to keep movement to a minimum.


Put a drop of shave oil onto the raised surface and wipe over with a finger so the surface is lightly coated in oil.


Swipe your razor, in the opposite direction of shaving, a dozen or so times. Use as much pressure as you would when shaving. After stropping, rinse your razor thoroughly in hot water prior to shaving to remove any residue.

Stropping can be done before or after shaving to keep your blade clean. The process also adds a micro layer of oil to the blade edge for protection against the elements.

The more your Blaidmat is used, the more effective it will become as the leather becomes softer as it absorbs the richness of our natural oils.

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Please note:

Avoid completely soaking the Blaidmat as, although this will not cause any harm, it may cause the leather to distort as it dries out.

Do not pull your razor over the Blaidmat as you would shaving, as this will cut the surface of the leather and damage the Blaidmat.