Men and skincare

Despite the hype, en masse men appear largely stuck in their ways. Whilst the numbers who have an active and current beauty routine grows, it is consigned to the lower age brackets, and a growing cohort of over 50s remain somewhat ardently tied to the attitudes of former generations. Here are some examples:

Men remain creatures of habit

Most men use their tried and tested routine, keeping it cheap and simple. Unisex shampoos and soaps are ‘fine’, and little care is placed on brands or ingredients. Where this differs is on facial care, where male ranges are important to reflect the perceived need of specialist products for men and women.

Gender neutrality not a hot topic

Despite gender neutrality being an increasingly hot topic, men still look for male brands when it comes to hair and skin. There remains, however, a lack of brands specifically catering for men. What doesn’t bode well is the apparent apathy of men when it comes to seeking out new alternatives. They appear, it seems, a bit like a drop of water running down a window; they choose the path of least resistance and do nothing. They choose to not explore the male category altogether.

Not convinced by premium

The low valorisation of their skin and beauty routines is passed straight through to their expectations on how much they are willing to pay for products. Premium products, rare or scientifically proven ingredients and complex routines are shunned for cheap, simple ingredients. It remains to be seen how attitudes shift in the face of the continued growth in environmentally conscious consumers and skincare aware generations coming through.

The light in the tunnel is zero waste shaving

Men are increasingly concerned for the environment and are open to trying new products which, if simple and affordable, help contribute to a more sustainable future. The return to classic shaving products, such as zero waste shave soaps or metal safety razors is a sign that men will look backwards to move forward.

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