Your skin is the most amazing thing. It's the boundary of your body, your largest organ and literally the face that you show the world. It is one of the youngest parts of your body, yet it's been with you from the start. It is strong yet soft, supple yet bears the story of your life.

We love skin, and love seeing it in all its glory. Read on to discover more about just how amazing your skin really is...Skin types and identity

Differences between men and women's skin

Why is it that men’s lines run deeper than women? Why do women show signs of age earlier than men? And what difference do differences in our skin make when it comes to matters of skin care and shaving? Let's explore the difference between men and women's skin

Unisex skincareSkin types

Dark skin or light, upper lip or lower leg, your skin is unique to you. Discover how skin types vary, how to manage sensitive skin, and what that means for achieving a hairless look.  Whether you are shaving legs, shaving chests or looking to reduce shaving rash or irritation, we've got advice and products to suit. Skin types

Identity, and your skin

Every part of your skin is unique to you. And your skin is your outermost canvas. Intentional or not, our skin speaks for us, about us. See what your skin is saying about you. 

Identity and your skin

Regeneration and Renewal

Your skin renews approximately every 28 days. See how skin regeneration and skin renewal takes place through the month, but also over the years - from youthful skin to the story of your life.  Regeneration of skin

Skin stories

From swimming skin to shaving for the gym, your skin is truly remarkable in what it does. Discover how skin tells the story of our lives with our skin stories series. Discover it's strength, how it protects us and it's in-built power for renewal. Shaving for gym

Friction free shaving

When you want a hair free look, shaving proves a convenient and soothing way to get it. At the time. But skin irritation, shaving bums and post-shave rashes can prove very uncomfortable, and unsightly. Take a look at our hints and tips to help ensure a friction free shave, each time, and also our plastic free safety razor and skincare products

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