Identity and our skinOur skin is who we are. Accept it.

For as long as we have had sight, we have judged and been judged by our skin. This most amazing organ describes who we are, our history and our story. 

We colour it, cover it, shave it... sometimes harm it.

What is sad is that we don't live in a world where everyone accepts the skin we are in, not least ourselves sometimes. 

Luxury skincare and shavingJudging our book by its cover

It is so inspiring to see more and more people finding the confidence to be proud in their skin, and proud of who they are. Whatever the colour, or however we choose to identify, our uniting truth is that our skin can and should be a positive and powerful instrument by which we proclaim our identity and who we are. We say loudly and proudly - love your skin, and let the world judge this book by its cover!

Skin and identityYour skin your story

As our skin grows and ages with us, so too does it tell the story of our lives. Laughter, pain, sorrow and scars. We often just think about our faces, but our bodies bear the marks of our lives too. And each part of our skin needs protection and nourishment to do us proud. 

Skin storyShow us your cover

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