Just as you deserve fabulous skin, so too do you deserve a fabulous environment. And whilst shaving is a small piece of the problem when it comes to disposable razors with single use plastic packaging, we think it's an area where plastic use can simply be eradicated.

Care for the environment with plastic free shaving

If you agree, you too are a Citizen Kairn. Read on to see the damage single use plastic, disposable plastic razors, blades and plastic bottles make, and then take a moment to discover our range of plastic free products and razors. 

Single use plastic and the environmental cost

In our latest blog, we look at the cost of single use plastic in shaving, particularly with the rise of cheap shaving clubs which send countless plastic bits all over the country each month.

We don't thrown away our toothbrush every day, so why are we throwing away plastic every day? The problem is not about a lack of plastic recycling, it's that we've been trained to have disposable attitudes. 

Plastic free shaving range

When designing and sourcing our range, we started with a simple principle - that we don't want to use plastic. Not in our packaging, our shipping materials, on or in our labels, certainly not in our bottles and not in our razors. 

That is why our range is entirely plastic free. The bottles our shaving oils and skin lotions come in our glass. The lids are aluminium. The labels are degradable and plant-based material, and all our packaging is biodegradable too. 

Why not take a look?

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