The story of work and my skin

The following skin story is by Nes

Where should I even start?  It’s something we take for granted, yet look at every time we see a mirror or open our camera.  Some people take good care, others don’t.  It makes us who we are, it’s what we show others. Our skin is important, and I'm here to tell the life story of my skin.

I consider myself lucky. A simple sentence I tend to hear quite often, "wow, you have great skin, how do you do it"? Now I could lie and tell them I drink loads of water, use the best cream’s and let it be, but that wouldn’t be fair would it? I only recently drink loads of water and take great care of my skin and with recently I mean the past two month’s. Why this change? Well, only now do I see the importance of taking great care of my skin, making sure that it is clean, smooth, and healthy. Now I'm only 21 years of age, in the prime of my life as many say it. And yet again there is another sentence with which I consider myself lucky even though at first I really couldn’t appreciate it. “You look younger than you are’. Now people don’t consider me 12, but more around 17-18 which is fine by me. The reason I find myself lucky with this is because hopefully in the future when I'm a little older my skin will still look and feel youthful. All the time I put into taking care off will then pay off!

I have been known to be a workaholic, and I can take it to extreme measures. I used to work as a hostess and planned my schedule full, and with full I mean 17-20 days of working with no days off. All different times, sometimes working till late at night or working a shift which had my alarm clock ring at 5am. I love being busy so it had no effect on my energy level as I could go on forever. Yet my skin at the time did have to suffer from it. I had one secret to give myself a little face lift to show how I felt on the inside, a tight high bun. It made me look awake and alive. Once I got home and took it out to take a shower the mirror told a whole other story, it therefore was important to keep my skin hydrated and clean!

To be honest I think that I see myself as a slight outcast in certain ways, the age in which drinking becomes legal (18) I stopped drinking alcohol, and haven’t touched it for 3 years, this was a personal decision. It would be like you won’t have to eat that one vegetable you hate the most for the rest of your life. It isn’t hard and has no influence on my life. Besides that I also wear no makeup. In the past when I did, I only wore mascara. Never did I wear a full glam giving my skin all the opportunity to breathe! Two easy ways that I can make sure my general health and skin stay happy and healthy.  Soda is another bad influence on your skin, making that the main reason why I gave it up and replaced it with water. All natural and super delicious. Making your skin glow. I believe I have a good relationship with my skin. Hoping that all the bad habits I put aside results in great clear skin, creating a projection to the outside world that I got my life of track, I mean isn’t that what we want to show the world? 

As mentioned before, the skin is very important and therefore has to be taken care off. We all go through good and bad times, moments of lots of sleep or just a little, happy and sad emotions. All this has a great effect on the skin, not only does the inner self feel a certain way, the wrinkles and little spots forms to show these moments in our lives, and don’t forget all those little ‘imperfections’ that come up when there are moments of stress. Just like you I have experienced many of these emotions, and yes also my skin reacts in ways I wish it didn’t. When going through moments of stress I find it hard to accept that my skin reacts badly, it feels unfair and unacceptable. The same feelings come up when I have important things planned and my skin does not look as it usually does. It is something to accept and for me, not necessarily something to cover up with make-up. Whilst keeping it natural and exposed it would be hard to say whether or not my skin revels my personality and or my life story, as they say ‘ Never judge a book by it’s cover’. My skin is my cover, and for me personally I keep it neutral, making it hard to others to really read my emotions. It seems deceiving, being able to mask your own cover from the outside world. At the same time it is a personal choice that I have made.  

Everyone has a different skin type, everyone has a different routine.  It is important to take care of your skin, whether it’s with expensive products or with a simple oil, all that counts is that you find a way for you!  To find a way that helps improve the relationship that you have with your own skin. Whether you have found it or still on the search that doesn’t matter, as long as you make sure to love yourself and find happiness! All of us around the world have to deal with different emotions in our life, having our skin project this in one form or another is something that should be considered as beautiful!

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