Zero waste shaving cream

Zero waste shaving cream – ideas from Kairn

That’s right! Let’s ditch all the unnecessary plastic waste, aerosols and additives that are so often associated with shave products and go for zero waste shaving. At Kairn we use natural products with fewer additives, shorter supply chains and a much shorter product life (and death) cycle.

Zero waste shaving creams

Zero waste shave creams have risen of late, out of proverbial ashes of the early twentieth century. As more of us have become environmentally conscious, the idea of buying shave gels and foams in aerosol cans filled with gunk and ’who-knows-what’ makes no sense at all. Instead, simple shaving soap or bar which does the job is a pragmatic and natural alternative.

Zero waste shavingAt Kairn we make zero waste, neutral and natural shaving products. Our entire range is plastic-free in fact. We have a combination of natural shave oils and what we call a shave brick - which used together make a rich creamy shaving foam. 

Plastic free shave creamKairn zero waste shave brick

Using a natural combination of plant-based soaps and essential oils, our customers can get nourished, protected and lightly scented skin – ideal for shaving.

Our skin oils have a combination of perfectly selected and blended oils, which both sit on the surface of your skin whilst simultaneously penetrating the surface layer. This way, your skin is nourished deep whilst being protected on top.

Whilst shaving cream and shaving foams provide a surface with improved smoothness for shaving, they tend to sit on the surface of the skin doing little to protect and nourish the upper layer. That’s why we recommend shaving with our unique three-step plastic-free shaving system. It optimises your skin for shaving, whilst nourishing and protecting it for daily life.

For those wanting a thicker lather, commonly the aim of zero waste shaving creams, we offer our Kairn shave brick. Used together with our shave oils, you’ll get both nourished skin and a thick, rich lather.

Zero waste shaving from KairnPlastic-free shaving

Our range of skincare and shaving products is designed to be zero waste, or as near as zero waste as possible. If you’re thinking about zero waste shaving cream, we think you should consider zero waste shaving oil instead. Rather than just sit on the surface, and risk clogging up your blade, our shave and skin oils work deeper into your skin, and harder on the surface to give you that friction-free close shave you’re looking for.

Suitable for normal skin, and all-over face and body shaving, we think our universal skincare range is the ultimate in zero waste shaving. Take a look at our products to learn more about our range, including our shave brick and our patent-pending leather strop, called the Blaidmat.  

Zero waste shave products from Kairn