Personna razor blade review- a case of non grata

Personna platinum DE razor blades review: aiming to help answer the simple question of what is the best razor blade for a DE razor?

Our kairn razor series is reviewing a selection of the top razor blades on the market. We are taking a look at which plastic-free razor blades give you the best combination of precision, feel and durability. Today we review the feather hi0stainless platinum coated blades, fashioned in japan for your face. Each time we will compare against the Astra blade, our preference and included for free with the kairn pencil razor.

First glance: not a great start

The case is a bit like a monochrome Rubix cube crossed with a plastic matchbox. It’s an angular and uninteresting mind-puzzle, but with sharp edges and inherent frustration at the core. But after much ado, and perhaps a modicum of self-disappointment, we realise that the box isn’t to open; instead the blades slide through a gap to one side and pop (rather pleasantly we must say) into our hands. And there, wrapped in the same white paper oft chosen for metal shaving blades we’re free to inspect the Personna platinum chrome blade.  

Personna razor review by KairnFirst use

Looking closely at the blade itself, there is something clumsy and unrefined about the edge. The extreme edge is gently rolled to avoid any extreme corner edge, but the primary blade surface looks dull. And whilst we never advise people to do this, holding the blade between our index and thumb feels more like the dull and responseless residue of a well used and stropped old blade fit for recycling. Or, in other words, blunt. Surely that’s not the case… so into our Kairn pencil razor it goes.

And on this point, the new Personna doesn’t disappoint. The blade is indeed sharp. But in contrast to our reviews of the lightening sharp kai blade or the reassuringly sharp Astra, whilst the blade is sharp, it isn’t sharp sharp. Like a set of premium tyres versus the economy option. Or the acceleration of a sports car versus a city runaround… whilst one can say that each car can accelerate, brake and turn a corner, there are clear dimensions to how the two feel. And, the Personna – for us – is non grata amongst its peers.

The blade feels inefficient on the skin.  On more dense and coarse areas of skin, around chins especially, it shows it’s ignorance. There is a payoff, in that for legs, underarms, backs, and ankles the Personna’s inefficiency is welcome, as you can be slightly more robust in the knowledge that the blade isn’t going to act like a hot knife through butter… when your skin is the butter. Instead, it does a reasonable job of clearing off lighter, thinner velusy or infrequent hair.

Making up the numbers.

For those who want an occasional blade, for an occasional shave, where it’s more about shaving is more of a country stroll than a power-walk, then the Personna can work for you. It is by far the cheapest blade we are reviewing, coming in at about 40% of the cost of some of the more refined products on the market. And so it is that the Personna goes to prove once again, that you get what you pay for. For those who want more performance and longevity from a blade, then another cliché is coming your way; buy cheap, buy twice.   

We give these blades 2 stars, compared to the Astra’s 4 stars. All Kairn razors come with 5 Astra blades included.