Feather razor blade review

Feather hi-stainless platinum-coated blade review: Aiming to help answer the simple question of what is the best razor blade for a DE razor?

In the latest in our series reviewing the top blades on the market, we’re are seeing which plastic-free razor blades give you the best combination of precision, feel and durability. Today we review the Feather Hi-Stainless platinum coated blades, fashioned in Japan for your face. Each time we will compare against the Astra blade, our preference and included for free with the Kairn pencil razor.


They weren’t joking when they named this the Feather. Light as you like! Apart from, that is, the print on the side of the razor blade, where emblazoned they write the name of the blade and it’s provenance; Japan. So senses slightly deceived, the light feature feel meets the somewhat clumsy writing on the side of the blade.  Still, the fit ontop the razor is simple as expected, and onto the shaving experience.


This razor is typical of Japanese blades. Light and super sharp. It’s almost deceptive over the first few strokes as it sythes effortlessly through the stubble. At more dense areas it holds up well, not seeming to lose much momentum despite a heavier workload. And with expectations raised following the platinum coating, this blade doesn’t disappoint as it retains sharpness well through subsequent shaves. What was noticeable was that subsequent shaves were actually more enjoyable. Could it be that it is ‘too’ sharp initially? And that a little bit of wearing-in is needed to tame this eastern delight?

When combined with the Blaidmat – the Kairn leather strop which can double the lifespan of a razor blade – the Feather showed less increase in longevity than we have seen with other blades. That said, the Feather is known as a longer-lasting blade in the first place, which leads us to think that the Blaidmat is best at keeping blades that blunt more easily, sharper for longer.  


For those die-hards who frequent shaving forums, the following won’t be a surprise… but for those of you who are ‘normal’ i.e. only have a passing interest in razor blades, the Feather is definitely up there with the best. The white safety case keeps blades clean and safe. The razor blade itself is easy to install, feather-light and retains its sharpness for a long time. And although the first experience is typically sharp, typically Japanese, the higher cost for these blades is offset by their durability.  In conclusion, a great blade for committed DE razor users.  

We give these blades 5 stars, alongside the Astra’s 4 stars.