Eco friendly razors

Sleek, heavy, dexterous and plastic-free, eco-friendly razors are transforming the shaving routines of people all over the country.

Our recommendation is the Kairn pencil razor, made from the superior metals fashioned into a stunning and easy to control razor and head.

Kairn safety razor UK

Eco-friendly razors are typically made of metal and contain reusable and interchangeable double edge safety razor blades. At first sight, these eco razors might look intimidating, but once you learn how to use them many find them superior to their original razor, and most never go back to plastic razors or cartridges.

Kairn eco razor sold in the UKHow to use an eco-friendly razor

We have a full article on how to use our zero waste metal razor here, but the main thing to remember is that the key is to have a sharp blade, and not to push. Unlike plastic razors where pressure and multiple strokes are the norm, with double-edged metal safety razors the key is to buy a solid weighing piece, get the angle of use correct, and then allow the blade to do the work.

womens eco razor uk

Eco-friendly women's razor

The Kairn eco safety razor is perfect for women looking to change from plastic to an eco razor. Many women have bought the Kairn razor and use it on all parts of their body including their legs, arms, ankles and sensitive areas. The weight of the head, the length of the handle and the breadth of the blade provide a safe and gentle shaving experience. It is important to remember that all razors are dangerous if misused, but our female customers have been keen to share with us their positive stories of using the metal razor. One such customer, Sophie, writes:

I'm a total convert to the safety razor. Well-made product which is reassuringly heavy in your hand. Easy to put together and shave with and a great result. The shaving bar is a really good texture too. A razor for life and no more plastics - inc the packaging. Don't be scared!

The Kairn eco-friendly razor comes with 5 double-edged metal blades and is delivered in plastic-free and fully recyclable materials.  

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