Zero waste shaving kit

The Kairn ultimate pack is designed for those wanting a zero-waste shaving kit.

At Kairn we are a specialist plastic-free skincare business, manufacturing zero waste skincare and shaving products for men and women.

Delivered in recyclable and compostable packaging, the shaving kit contains a plastic-free razor and blades, zero waste shaving soap and skin oils. Read on to see why our customers tell us that zero waste shaving oils are better for their skin than gels or foams.

Zero waste razor

Our signature double-edged safety metal razor, the Kairn pencil razor, is the centrepiece of our ultimate collection. Manufactured with perfect balance, this medium to strong razor provides you with a near friction-free shave and zero waste.

Zero waste metal razorZero waste shaving range

To accompany our zero waste metal razor, we have the Kairn three-step shave system. We have developed this to deliver incredible skin during and after shaving, whilst also offering a superior alternative to foams or gels.

The key to a superior shave is actually in the preparation. Our skin wash contains a blend of oils and exfoliants that perfectly prepares your skin for shaving. With this preparation, light shave oils can then be used to achieve a smooth, friction-free superior shave, with less gunk and debris build up around your razor. Together this helps reduce skin irritation and ensure optimal blade performance. After shaving, our skin balm ensures that the deep nutrition and restoration of your skin can take place, completing our three-step system.

Three step shave system made zero wasteExtending the life of your blade

To ensure your blade is kept sharper for longer, the ultimate pack contains our patent-pending leather strop, called the Blaidmat. This hones and helps maintain the sharpness of your blade for longer; our customers telling us that it has doubled the length of time their blades have stayed sharp.

Zero waste skin products

"First time I've ever bothered to provide this sort of feedback, but after a couple of weeks' use, I'm just amazed at the feel of my face after shaving. Mine's not young skin, as I've been shaving for a looong time, but whatever you're doing in producing these products is great. Please keep it up."

Our products will reinvent your shave experience, delivering zero waste shaving and wonderous skin. For more of our range, company and ingredients, a look at our colour collection.

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