Zero Waste Bathroom Products

Our consumer-led world was once very wasteful and throw away culture was common. Fortunately, with demand growing for things like zero waste bathroom products, our society is becoming more conscious of the impact we’re having on the planet, and we’re actively searching for ways to improve. 

Eco-friendly businesses, like Kairn, are growing in popularity as we become more conscious of our impact. Customers and consumers want to leave no trace of the products they buy and use. This means prioritising minimal, plastic-free packaging, and easily recyclable containers.

Circular Economy

There are two different ways that products are produced, circular and linear.
The linear economy exists to make, then waste a product. Raw materials are used, a product is made, and once it is used it is thrown away. This method of production is becoming less and less favoured.
The circular economy is the eco-friendly option that brands like Kairn are built upon. A product is made, used, then repaired and re-used for as long as it can be, and when its life has come to an end, it is recycled entirely.

Going Zero Waste

At Kairn, we offer a wide range of products that stay true to our zero-waste intention, and we’re delighted to see that we aren’t alone. Every day, companies all over the world are launching new zero-waste, eco-conscious products. More and more consumers are actively seeking out zero waste ranges to fill their bathrooms with great quality, sustainable products.
Zero waste means refusing products that use plastic, unnecessary, or excessive packaging. The bathroom has previously a hotspot for this kind of needless waste. Now, shampoo and conditioner bottles are being replaced by plastic packaging free bars, plastic toothbrushes are becoming bamboo, and wipes, cloths and tissues are becoming reusable.
Shaving is, unfortunately, an area that requires several different products, and each of these could be wasteful in their own right. At Kairn, we pride ourselves on our conscientious shaving range.  Disposable razors could be one of the most wasteful bathroom products. Typically these razors contain several different parts, each made of different materials, which makes them very hard to recycle. We’re pleased to see that demand for reusable, long-lasting razors are in demand now, and our shaving range reflects this desire. Our razors are instead made of stainless steel. The blades are longer lasting than those in disposable razors and when the day finally comes that a new one is needed; the old one can be recycled entirely.
To reduce your waste, even the products that aren’t in packaging free forms must be at least in an easily recycled container. This is why we believe in exclusively using materials such as glass for our bottles of oil, face washes, and balms.

Zero Waste Businesses

With increased popularity amongst their clients and customers, businesses are also striving for zero-waste lifestyle inside their workplaces. Zero waste bathroom products aren’t only accessible to individual buyers these days. The hospitality industry is already taking on zero waste initiatives and other industries aren’t far behind. Offices are looking to fill their bathrooms with products that are sustainable and not wasteful and will reflect their eco-friendly values.
Kairn is a business that is offering hotels, offices, and companies an all in one solution their zero-waste bathroom product search. The George Hotel in Cheltenham is one such client that is already benefitting from our eco-friendly, zero-waste products. We’re in talks with other major hotel chains to become their zero waste, circular economy supplier of bathroom products too, and we’re honoured to support so many new businesses choosing an eco-friendly approach.
We aim to assist every hotel, spa and workplace to become a leader in our every-growing zero-waste world. When you get in touch with our team at Kairn, we will make sure to provide your business with high-quality products that the environment will love as much as your customers do.