The end of the throwaway culture

At Kairn we make our products to be universal so everyone can use them, and designed to last. Our aim is firmly on the disposable daily razors and single-use plastic shaving and skincare products, but it’s brilliant to see the EU have their sites set on a number of other single-use products.

See ya, “throwaway” culture

Their aim is simple: reduce the environmental and climate impact of the things we use and wear. That includes clothes, textiles, batteries, electronics, construction items, mobile phones, and packaging. We’ve all been there… a massive pile of packaging for a tiny product, or the impenetrable electronic device which costs more to repair than to buy a new one. Honestly, this is a case where it isn’t the consumer’s fault. Instead, it is the fault of manufacturing and supply chains which put little to no value on sustainability and lifetime-impact of production, but complete focus on short term convenience. Whilst they argue this is consumer-led, we think companies need to act much more responsibly.

Be gone single-use plastics

Kairn started with a simple idea but with profound implications. From the start, plastic wasn’t to form any part of our product range or packaging and shipping options. It presents a daily and weekly challenge, as we push to source better ingredients delivered in more ecologically sustainable ways, but this challenge is our opportunity to shine.

Zero waste shaving

Our shaving range is our pride and joy. Eco-friendly safety razors, plastic-free in every way. Our range of packaging-free soap bars means you can achieve a completely zero waste shave and skincare routine.

Plastic free shaving from KairnWhat’s next

We are exploring ways to move away from glass bottles and cardboard packaging. At the moment we’re using natureflex, a biodegradable and compostable label material but we aim to go much further. Our product team is working on ways to incorporate biomass or mushroom-based materials in our packaging so that not only do our products last as long as possible, our packaging degrades as fast as possible.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about what we are planning.