Plastic free shaving kit

We’re pretty sure you’re in the right place to discover the best plastic-free shaving kit on the market.

Plastic-free bottles with plastic-free lids. Metal razor packaged together in plastic-free packaging. Soap bar and leather stop. The ultimate line-up from Kairn is a plastic-free shaving kit complete with all you need for rich, nourished, protected skin before, during and after shaving.

Plastic-free metal razor

Kicking off our shaving kit, we start with the Kairn double-edged metal safety razor. Perfectly balanced, perfectly weighted, this razor will glide over your skin and effortlessly remove unwanted hair. Safety razors are different from mass-market plastic razors, and require a different technique; The Kairn razor is no different. Please see our guide to using a safety razor for hints and tips. But it’s worth it, not just for the post-shave feel, but also the positive impact they have on cutting plastic waste.

Plastic-free shaving oil

Our ultimate line-up includes our premium shave oil. Used in conjunction with our pre-shave skin wash, it’ll coat the surface of your skin to give you a friction-free feel to your shave, whilst also nourishing deep into the surface layer of your skin.

Kairn plastic free ultimate collectionPlastic-free skin lotion

We have a three-stage shave system: skin wash, shave oil and aftershave skin lotion. In the ultimate line-up, you get all three. Nourished and protected skin, which feels and smells great.

Plastic-free shaving kit

Our final part of our ultimate set is a premium leather strop. Alongside our plastic free-range, which is fully recyclable, we want to make our products last as long as possible. By lasting longer, we all need to buy less. Introducing our leather strop called the Blaidmat. By wiping (known as stropping) your blade on our Blaidmat, it has the effect of cleaning and honing the blade. This keeps it cleaner and sharper for longer. For you, that means a closer shave, less irritation and longer between blades. Find out more about our shave strop here.

Zero waste shaving

We want to make plastic-free shave and skincare products which are as close to zero waste as possible. Our razors already are, and our bottles are as close to zero waste as we can currently get them.

For more on our work towards zero waste shaving, take a look at our recent post.

Kairn shave system made plastic free