Unisex Skincare

The world is starting to change, and at Kairn, we’re proud to support this movement. So many high-profile brands are establishing more unisex skincare products that appeal to every customer, from razors to moisturisers.

Skin knows no gender. We all deserve great skincare products, regardless of our gender choices and skincare companies all over the world are starting to adapt to this new understanding. All skin is divided into the same few categories: dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Gender has very little, if any, impact on our skin. The only difference is that skincare has long been marketed only to women, and men have had to resort to swapping products in the bathroom if they want a wide range of options.

Skincare for Men

Skincare designed for men was a breakthrough of its day. This revolutionary change finally showed men than taking care of the health and appearance of their skin was important for them too. Couples were still left confused though, as to whether they could pinch a little of their partners gendered face wash or not. We’re delighted to see the gendering of products changing and making way for unisex skincare that prioritises high quality ingredients instead of gendered marketing. Even advertisements are changing to include every gender.

Gender Premiums

For a long time now, we’ve known and begrudgingly accepted that some gendered skincare products come with premiums added to the price. The “pink tax” is known to have added extra cost to products marketed for women, such as razors. There are also price hikes on products designed for men, that aren’t typically considered male essentials. Unfortunately, this includes skincare.

The movement towards unisex skincare is bringing prices down. High-quality ingredients that are carefully chosen and products that have real skincare concerns in mind are all the rage now. Men and women have the same desire for clear, healthy skin and skincare products, and the market is reflecting that.

Gendered Designs

Typically, the most common differences you’ll find between skincare for men and women is in the scents and colours. At Kairn, we’re pleased to see that the world is changing its view on these things, and we’re grateful to be a part of the process. Some of the most popular skincare brands are switching up their designs to be more gender-neutral, and we all know that great smell is a great smell to any gender.

These industry-leading brands are offering sleek, unisex skincare products that appeal to everyone. Skin is a universal equaliser and treating concerns like acne, ageing or dry patches is a concern for everyone.

At Kairn, we’re proud to join some of the worlds most well-loved brands in providing unisex skincare products that you can swap in the bathroom with everyone you live with, no matter the gender.

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