Trading places when shaving faces. A women's perspective

Dermaplaning aka face shaving for women

Long has it been known that dermaplaning, or lightly shaving the surface of your face, holds the promise of smoother skin and a silkier feel. Bloggers, vloggers and fashion houses are full of guides and advice. All it takes is a quick google. But they are also full of the usual caveats, myth-busting and taboo trashing tips. Then rounding on the typically vanilla end-point (“make sure it’s right for you”) and the classic ‘paid-for’ product placements.

Cutting the fluff

Hair grows on most of our bodies, including the faces of all of us. The really thin vellus hair is short, slight-coloured and barely noticeable hair and the one that dermaplaning aims to remove. This, along with the tired old surface layer of skin.

The worry is that the delicate and visible skin on our faces isn’t used to this kind of treatment, or that untrained people not used to shaving faces cause unintended damage.  

Thicker facial hair

Then there is no avoiding unwanted facial hair, particularly upper lip hair. What to do with this is of real concern to many seeking a hairless, natural look? For more on this topic, read our post on thicker upper lip hair.

Plastic free shaving

Tips for dermaplaning

Our three-stage shaving solution works to lightly exfoliate the surface layer, prepare and protect the skin from shaving, and then help repair and nourish the skin after face shaving. Whilst the aesthetic jury is out on removing vellus hair from faces, there is nothing better than clean, vibrant, hairless skin.

Working out what works for you

Whatever look you’re after, and whatever skin and hair condition you’re starting with, it’s always really important to take things slow, try it on a small part of skin first, and check that you don’t have any adverse effects. Always take care to prepare and protect your skin, and ensure the razor you use is sharp, clean and free from any gunk. For tips on pre, during and post-shaving, read our 3 stage guide, and for advice on how to keep your razor-sharp, take a look at our patent-pending Blaidmat.

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