The wrong with shave clubs

Men aren't from Mars, and Women certainly aren't from Venus. Yet that's how shave clubs still see it. (Sigh).

Yes sadly, we still remain surrounded by lad-culture shaving clubs advertising with crude comedy and toilet humour. Frankly, we should be way past that. 

But more than their crass advertising and silly straplines, what really riles the most is their complete dependence on disposable attitudes to shaving and the environment. Monthly subscriptions pushing plastic products, containers, carriers and razors into our hands... egging their customers on to use more and more of their products, at the expense of the environment and simply for shareholder profit. 

Some examples of shave clubs

When DollarShaveClub came on the scene before being bought by Gillette for $1bn they were even more plastic-filled junkies. Now with a nod to reusable and sustainable materials like cardboard, they are trying their best. But their machismo is too much for most. 


Other DollarShaveClub wannabees have sprung up all over the place, like Shavekit. Again, it's plastic-filled shaving products, made cheaply with little regard for the long term impact of plastic use. 

DollarShaveClub and Shavekit shaving clubs

Even skincare brands are trying to 'astroturf' on the environmental cause, but are clearly doing so without real conviction. There is little point promoting a bamboo razor as environmentally 'less' damaging whilst still pushing plastic razors and having the product range all in plastic casings.

Plastic free shaving from Kairn

Our range of plastic-free shaving products

Kairn productsThat's why we have handcrafted our range of products to suit all skin types and shaving areas, using plastic-free materials. Our packaging, bottles and razors are all plastic-free and therefore fully recyclable. 

To us, the environment and its protection is a core principle with which our company was conceived. So unlike these shaving clubs doing tokenism and principle astroturfing, our environmental story comes from our roots. 

We hope you see it and share it with your friends! 

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