Shaving upper lip hair in women

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There is no getting around it, upper lip hair is largely unwanted. But much like cold-sores and other blemishes, we focus on when on our faces, in truth we often make more out of it than others do. Why is that? Let's explore where it all starts, why and what we can do about it...

Hidden in plain sight

Women's upper lip hair is incredibly common, yet it's a taboo that remains, marred in a depressing shroud of shame. Perhaps because of shameful fake stories about the risks of shaving hairs and having them grow back thicker and firmer. And when we're all on the spectrum of vellus hair through to 'terminal hair' (coarser, thicker hair) it's easy to see why we fear the slippery slope. But that just isn't the case. 

A stigma often born in our youth

On the bus, in the playground or on our way home, children can be so cruel. And the sad truth is that hair, and upper lip hair in women can start really early. With nicknames like 'monkey' and 'gorilla' flying around, it's no wonder we tend to put our head in the sand and instead worry instead of doing something about it. 

study in 2006 showed that women with facial hair certainly care! Women spent over an hour a week thinking about it, with over two-thirds reporting they continually checking in mirrors or by touch. 

Discover our luxury shaving rangeWhat causes upper lip hair

The cause of this hair is actually the same as some other forms of hair on our bodies. Hairs are triggered to grow by a natural hormone produced inside our body called androgen. The levels of androgen affect how much hair is produced, and typically the more androgen you have, the more hair you might see. There is also a potential link with age, with the older you are seeing a rise in androgen levels. 

So what can we do?

Below we list out the top 3 ways we know of to help manage upper lip hair, going from mild to more visible hair. 

Option 1: Cream bleach or hair removal cream

Hair removal creams or bleaching thinner or lighter hairs can prove a simple and natural way to remove unwanted hair. Sadly we're yet to find a product that comes in plastic-free packaging - if you know of one please drop us a line. Whilst you might not be totally hairless, you should see improved results for a few weeks. 

Option 2: Dermaplaning, or light shaving

For the light vellus hair on our faces or more moderate visible hair, it's possible to remove them effectively using a razor. The idea that they come back thicker and stronger is simply not true and using a careful skincare routine, the act of shaving can actually make your skin feel brighter and better. Take a look at our blog on dermaplaning for more information.  

Option 3: Precision epilation

Epilators are now designed for specific areas of the skin and have precision tools that are good at capturing short and fine hairs. Depending on where you are using them, how much they might hurt varies. The eyebrow region is more sensitive than the upper lip area, but then the closer to the nose you go the more sensitive the skin can be. You should see positive results for about a month. 


Do let us know your experience, and recommendations, in the comments below. 

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