Scent free shave oil from Kairn

Introducing our scent free shave oil

Our inspiration for this oil comes from the natural beauty of the North East coast of Scotland. A place where vast beaches meet the sky and Sea Buckthorn and Thistle plants grow naturally together in the dunes and cliff tops. These robust plants absorb the elements whatever the weather, storing a multitude of vitamins and minerals within their fruit and flowers.

Designed for sensitive skin

For many with sensitive skin, sensitive noses or desiring a more androgynous product, we're pleased to announce our thistle and sea buckthorn shave oil.

Our rich, smooth and nourishing shave oil comes laced with thistle and natural sea buckthorn botanical oils. We've deliberately made this shave oil scent free, and suitable for male or female skin types. This way everyone can enjoy luxury skin when shaving, without the scents commonly associated with these products. 

Scent free shaving

Try it from our online store now, and use the form below to tell us what you think. We plan to develop a larger range of scent free shave and skin products soon. Join our mailing list if you'd like to be among the first to hear. 

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