Mindfulness – morning noon or night, how shaving could be your secret mindfulness ritual

Mindful moments can happen almost anywhere. A lunch-break lean against a tree. A minute of calm before we rise. The daily ordinary can become extraordinary when we reconnect ourselves to ourselves, and our surroundings.

Shaving is the perfect way to reconnect with our skin. With zero waste plastic free shaving, you can bring natural metals and plant extracts together with your skin, connecting element, environment and you. The result? Closing the loop between ourselves and our environment.

Discover our luxury shaving rangeMindful moments with your skin

Through your skin, you discover the world. Touch. Temperature. Texture.

A cold grip. A pressure point.

The sentient pass of the blade over the skin; shaving can become a moment of daily mindfulness. Too often rushed as a chore, shaving can indeed be a chance to invest time in yourself, your skin, your appearance, and your mind.

Natural shaving products – connecting your skin with nature

Connecting living with life, and our actions with nature, we recommend you assemble a range of eco-friendly cosmetics and shaving products.

Our skincare and shaving products are made from plastic-free ingredients. Our metal razors are 100% metal. Our oils are made from a combination of essential, botanical and organic oils. We bring them to you in glass bottles with aluminium lids. Man-made yes but carrying the essence of plants and nature. And their natural sense of calm.

Mindfulness ritualsThree steps to mindfulness when shaving

Step 1

Seeing shaving as an activity, not a result, is the first step to mindfulness. Take time, prepare and connect at each moment. Using a pre-wash or skin scrub – ideally with an oil base – allow the aroma to penetrate deep into your lungs as your hands gently massage your skin.

Imagine the pumice lifting off the old layers and cleansing the pores. Feel your breath as your hands find warm water to rinse your prepared skin. Feel the sensation of natural oils preparing and nourishing your skin ready for shaving.

Step 2

Using natural skin oils, prepare your skin for shaving. Light Kairn essential oils with delicate aroma are designed to absorb at different rates. Imagine the lighter oils sitting proudly on the surface as other oils delve deeply into the surface layer of your skin.

As blade meets skin, see the blade passing friction-free across the surface, lifting away the hairs.  When shaving, hone the razor blade between each pass. By alternating between the natural leather of a strop in one hand, and the cool feel of the razor on the skin, you are completing a natural cycle of skin renewal – connecting your rhythmic actions of removal with the rejuvenation of the skin layers underneath.

Step 3

Once you have completed shaving, prepare for the final stage of your mindfulness ritual: renewal.   Gently clean and pat dry your skin. Savour how it feels. Sense its astringency. Does it feel tighter yet softer? Does it look clearer and cleaner?

Take a small amount of natural essential lotion or balm. Massage it into your hands, and then working from the centre of your skin, move laterally out towards the extremes. In your mind imagine as your hands give to your skin, offering a delicate bounty of nourishment and rejuvenation. See the transfer of essential vitamins and elements from the natural oils pass to your skin. Feel the change in temperature. Experience the calm.

Mindful rituals from KairnThree-stage shave routine – 15 minutes of mindfulness

Our three-stage skincare and shaving routine takes time. We know that. But that’s the point. It’s about reconnecting with your skin. Investing time and positive energy in its nourishment and maintenance.

By using natural materials and ingredients, you can connect the world around you, through your surface, to what’s going on inside.

The result?

Better skin. Mindful skin.

Let us know how you get on…