Kairn moves to NatureFlex packaging

All Kairn bottles now come wrapped in NatureFlex wrapping

We made the decision recently to replace our waterless printed labels with NatureFlex film as another step towards our goal of being as environmentally neutral and recyclable as possible. 

What is NatureFlex?

NatureFlex is a fully compostable and biodegradable film that meets European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) certifiable standards.

Discover our luxury shaving rangeWhat makes it so special?

NatureFlex is a biomass label made from FSC managed wood pulp which is transformed into a printable cellulose film. This is then backed with a fully compostable acrylic adhesive to ensure natural breakdown during composting. Giving all the benefits of a traditional cosmetic label and at the same time giving back to the planet. 

Kairn natureflex

For too long we have prioritised convenience above all and used plastic-based products as the way to achieve cheap, durable and lasting packaging. At Kairn we think there is another way. We manufacture premium products with natural ingredients from fully recyclable or biodegradable materials. We think your bathroom products can look stunning, feel fantastic and be fully recycled once you are finished with them.

Discover our plastic-free skincare range

We have a range of skin washes, shaving oils, skin lotions and skin balms designed for both men and women. With natural scents or scent-free options, you can rest assured that all of our products come in plastic-free packaging, and will now be wrapped in NatureFlex compostable and recyclable packaging films. 

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