Flexible pricing: Why a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

This month we are testing flexible pricing, where customers can choose our quality bathroom and skincare products, or shaving gifts, by telling us what they are happy to pay. By giving customers the chance to buy our products based on what they can afford, we hope to get more customers in the first place and to help lower the costs of luxury skincare and shaving. It’s a risky approach but one we are committed to trialling. Here we explain why we are doing it, and what we hope it achieves.

Money‘s too tight to mention

As we stare down the barrel of Christmas – a time for joy, festivity and parties – it’s a pretty ominous sight. Furlough ending, likely lockdowns happening, and money is way too tight to mention. As a small business selling natural skincare and shaving products, finding our way against mammoth companies this year has been tough. Like so many businesses out there, the optimism of spring has been sucker-punched into the new reality. In our heads, we want to put our prices up to cover rising ingredient costs, but our hearts tell us our customers need us to bring them down.

Eco-products are too expensive anyway – that’s what we sometimes hear

This is set against a fair critique of skincare and beauty products that can often come with astronomical price tags, and much like scratch-cooking when compared to fast food/frozen sh*t, quality ingredients are just more expensive than synthetic alternatives. And so it is often the criticism that sustainable, eco-friendly products like ours are more expensive than the plastic mass-produced products of our competitors… and it’s a criticism we need to take on the chin.

We want to try something different

We can’t, long term, cut our prices in half. But we also know that investing in high-grade skincare and shaving products at this time is getting really hard – especially for our growing customer base among students and in the 18-30-year-old bracket. Spending a lot of money on, for example, a zero-waste metal razor is tough.

So we have made two big changes:

  • We have created a series of new product bundles. More products at a greater value.
  • We are trialling flexible pricing. Let’s explore what we mean…

Make us an offer

If you are doing ok at this time, and want to support a small independent and growing business, please help us by paying our standard pricing. Trust us – we’re incredibly grateful, and you might get a few bonus bits in your pack too as we say thanks!

If you are pushed for money, please make us an offer. Give us an inkling on what you are happy to pay, and we will see whether that can work for us. If it can, we’ll let you know. And if it can’t, we’ll give you our bottom line

Great skin that shouldn’t cost the earth

We are here because we want everyone to love their skin, and to operate in a way that doesn’t cost the Earth. We do that literally with our quality, natural and plastic-free products. Now we are also doing it with our flexible pricing. We’re looking forwards to hearing your offers!


The Kairn Team.