First Movember, then Decembeard – now it’s time for Annus Hairless

In earlier times and darker circumstances, Queen Elisabeth II chose ‘annus horribilis’ as a choice expression to sum up what was, without doubt, a dreadful year.

And when thinking about the phenomena which is Movember, has the sun set on what once was a trailblazing initiative?  A great cause yes. Huge money raised (over £540 million for men’s health) and a worldwide movement. But for millions of men, the thought of another Movember has simply lost all appeal.

Decembeard, Stoptober – month-long fads are fashionable pan-flashes

We all love the 'flash-in-a-pans‘ that move us to make small changes for big reasons. And for millions of facial-hair-adorned men, it is quite likely Movember was the event that got them back into the grove of grooming. Let’s hope that never changes. No need to go back to even darker days of unkempt near-neanderthals prowling our boroughs!

Discover our luxury shaving rangeTime for a sustained period of Annus Hairless

At Kairn we simply love skin. Young skin, mature skin, experienced skin. We love freshly uncovered skin, soft supple skin. Skin un-covered by facial hair – any hair in fact. Light skin, dark skin, sensitive or strong. We love it so much that we think every day it should be uncovered and shown off to it’s full glory. All year long. 


Keep on shaving

Our Kairn shave products will help prepare, protect and nourish your skin throughout your shave, leaving your face ready for the day, gleaming in it's full glory. This, whether you do Movember, or sport your mo all year round. 

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