Disposing of disposable attitudes

Time to make shaving plastic-free

It’s great news that more people are realising that plastic is a problem, period. Tragic images like on Blue Planet 2 capture the hearts and attention of the nation, and it’s so important that this interest turns into action.
And action has been seen recently on plastic bags, more recently straws, and in time unnecessary packaging across practically all shop-bought items.
But isn’t it time that more action is taken not just on our use of plastic, but also our attitudes towards disposable items?

Discover our luxury shaving rangeRecycling doesn’t equal recycled

Massive strides have been taken recently by households up and down the country to dramatically change habits at home, and recycle more and more of what we consume. Estimates range, but the UK is well on its way to achieving the Government target of 50% recycling of household waste by 2020.
But there remains a problem.
The public is being let down but limited infrastructure in place to recycle plastic. And that is in addition to the estimated 1/3 of all plastic used that can’t be recycled. According to a Government watchdog, as quoted in the Guardian, “Millions of tons of plastic waste from British businesses and homes may be ending up in landfill sites across the world”.
Recycled? Perhaps. Dumped in landfill and ending up in the sea? In all probability.
The problem of plastic isn’t about recycling, it is actually about our attitudes to having a disposable culture.  

Disposable razor shave club

Shaving clubs and big brands perpetuate the problem

Plastic is just not needed when it comes to shaving. Yet it’s the convenience-led disposable culture companies like Gillette (owners of Dollar Shave Club) and cosmetic companies like Dove have which push consumers into a plastic malaise.  Just imagine if you threw away a tooth-brush after a single-use. It’s a ridiculous thought. Yet these companies pump out millions of products in unnecessary single-use plastic, happy to see you discard it and buy more next week.   
And let's be honest, initiatives like 'half-price entry with a plastic bottle' from theme parks sound good - but let's sub-out the plastic bottle in the first place!

The world of shaving doesn’t need plastic at all

We don’t need to recycle something we don’t need in the first place.
Metal razors are fine, look great, arguably work better and are much more environmentally neutral than plastic razors. When used properly, they provide a superior shave and can stay sharper for longer with innovations like the Kairn Blaidmat.
Skin washes, shaving oils and skin lotions don’t need plastic bottles. The only reason companies put the product into plastic is to maximise their profit. Profit isn’t a bad thing, except when it comes with an environmental cost. At Kairn we use brown glass bottles with aluminium lids. This helps preserve our ingredients, whilst protecting our planet. And we don’t see any reason why others don’t also.

Kairn fully supports plastic-free initiatives

We are in full support of causes like A Plastic Planet and individuals like Myplasticfreelife. Our mission is to be a natural, neutral BCorp which never uses plastic, creates brilliant products with natural materials, and minimises the total footprint of our activities.
We hope you love our products and love the way we go about making, manufacturing and getting them to you. Feel good about Kairn products, because we do too.

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