What men want: Clean beauty is one of their five top asks

Gender neutrality and fragrance-free skincare were the hot topics in 2019, but new data from Mintel shows that this isn’t necessarily born out through the sales data. Here we look into the top 5 trends connected with male buying behaviour in skincare in 2019.

#1 Clean beauty

Nearly one in three men now demand their skincare products are ‘clean’, prioritising clean beauty as of paramount importance in their purchasing behaviour. Going beyond clean skin, hair and bodies, they want beauty products to be clean for the environment too. Biodegradable materials, local recycling, natural and simple ingredients, responsible supply chains and zero or low waste packaging are top of the consideration list.

# 2 Price pinch

When it comes to skincare, the price still very much matters. Men show scepticism towards premium brands and have a predisposition to doubt exaggerated health benefits, long ingredients lists or high-priced products. This doesn’t necessarily equate to men not spending money on their skincare, but they won’t if they don’t understand why it’s worth it.

#3 Don’t touch the face

Facial care is still a man’s world, where male-only brands are both desired and dominate. Mainstream, universal male skincare seems the order of the day (or year) with over half of those who use specialist face products choosing male brands. Still, a third see through the marketing constructs, and are open to and actively choose unisex products for their face.

#4 You can touch the body (and hair)

Unisex brands abound, however, when it comes to soaps and shampoos. It appears that men’s care for their hair is less dominated by ‘pink’ packaging and feminine aromas, as men overwhelmingly choose unisex, universal or even women’s brands. Perhaps this is about ease and convenience, but it appears somewhat contradictory to us that men would consider their skin as completely different to women’s (and so need a special product) whilst their hair is the same.

#5 And I want it now

Men want quick formats, for pretty much everything. The in and out is the mainstream, whilst a growing but smaller segment of the sex are increasingly specialising and extending their grooming, skin and hair care routines. As men invest more in maintaining their looks, so too are we seeing a two-speed approach to shaving and skincare. More on this can be found in this skincare article.

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