What is the Kairn Foundation?

Kairn started in 2014 with a simple goal - to help everyone love their skin.  To do this, we want to promote healthy skin relationships. In part we want to achieve this through our natural products, manufactured in ethical and sustainable ways, and delivered to you in plastic-free packaging. We also want to achieve this goal by confronting the realities we’re seeing in modern life: a decrease in our skin condition, and a crisis in our mental health particularly as it relates to our skin and the relationship between our skin and how we feel.

Through our products and business activities, the Kairn Foundation aims to:

  • Promote natural skincare products for healthy skin and a healthy environment
  • Promote positive skincare routines, for vibrant skin and a positive mind
  • Improve our mental health through progressive, inclusive business activities and fighting the epidemic of depression and self-harm.

Below you will find a brief summary of the activities and initiatives that the Kairn Foundation will be supporting.

Natural skincare products

We believe in manufacturing natural, neutral and environmentally conscious products. Our product pages explain what is in our products, and our plastic-free and shaving content areas explain more about what we are doing to deliver this goal.

In addition, we will be collaborating and supporting companies who share these values, collaborating and partnering with companies to make good products, and do good actions.

Positive skincare routines

Taking time to invest in our skin is not only good for our skin, but it is also good for our minds. Research shows that the time invested in our skincare routine is powerful for our mental health. Slowly taking time to care for ourselves is a physical and emotional treat, well worth doing weekly or whenever you can. The Kairn Foundation will be sharing and promoting research into the positive impact natural and healthy skincare routines can have on our skin and mental health.

Improving mental health

Specifically among the younger generations, but true at all ages too, our mental health is worse than it has ever been. This isn’t hyperbole, but a consequence of reduced self-esteem, a general and growing loss of purpose and increasing dissatisfaction with how we look. The consequence is a startling rise in youth self-harm and suicide. The Kairn Foundation wants to share the story of what is going on, and support causes which are working to reverse this trend.

Discover on these pages articles and activities relating to these three areas. And if you want to share something, promote a news story or to get involved, please drop us a line.

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